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  • Thanks for this great info. I have used Smowtion ads on my site for few days. The CTR of Smowtion is really worse.

  • Deepak Bhakoo

    The WORST ever. In the starting it was fine. And now the payment is stuck at 74.05$ since the last 6 months or so. My site receives high traffic every day and their stats show absolutely ZERO impressions. When i ask the support they say “problem has been resolved”. I want to close my account with them and have asked to pay me the balance amount. But i am sure they will NOT. Frauds… nothing else.

    • Rolando Perez

      Happened to me too. The balance got stuck and they said I had 0 impressions during 2 months, while I was having 200k visitors permonth… I had to remove them.

  • jesa

    They don’t pay anymore I have $200+ and its been 5 months already. Plus they ignore all my emails.

  • forcpms

    you can try, for good cpm rates

  • forcpms

    you can try for good CPM rates

  • R. K. Jain

    Totally bastard adnetwork. Unbelievable. Lots of website says it is good alternative of Adsense. But reallty is this is not near of nails of google adsense. Fuck that bastard team of Smowtions