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  • Andrelle

    what does ecpm mean

    • Hi Andrelle,

      eCPM means “effective Cost per Mille” and is the average (mean) cost of 1000 impressions, taking into account CPA, CPC, and CPM campaigns. This is a good way for publishers to determine which campaigns are performing best in their rotation.

      We have a glossary full of explanations of useful terms in digital advertising if you are curious.

  • Do tehy pay for indonesian traffic?

    • They don’t exclude Indonesian traffic as far as I know, although I doubt they will have that many campaigns for it and as such a good portion would be sent to your defaults.

      • Thanks for your nice reply I`ve try to apply but failed to have approval. Any suggestion to suitable add networks for indonesian traffic?

        • I don’t know any networks that specialise in Indonesian traffic (the sites I run tend to focus on the UK and US markets), but I imagine there will be some.

          You best option is probably to take a look at some of the other popular Indonesian sites/blogs in your niche and see who they use for advertising and apply to them. Asking the editors by email or twitter will probably get you some help there as well.

          Google AdSense would be a reasonable back-up too I imagine, as generally have ads targeted to most countries.

  • Kaxil

    Do they pay for Indian Traffic

    • Yes – Casale Media will in theory pay for traffic from all countries. That said, they do not appear to focus on Indian traffic so much of it may be sent to your other default ad networks when they don’t have a paid ad to show.

      • Techieey

        I’m new to publishng. If we have used their gadget on our site, then how can other as networks use that same space

  • Naeedal

     what about pakistani traffic?

    • Casale will pay for traffic from all countries for which they have ads to show (and if they don’t have any paying ads you can default the ad to a different network in your default chain), but they are not a specialised Pakistani network which may offer you better and more targeted ads

  • Thanks for the article. I shall try them out

  • nesws

    will they give advertisements for any website?
    the description is very useful and very easy to understand. Thank you.

    • Casale Media are a top tier ad network and as such have quite high entry requirements regarding traffic volumes and that the majority of traffic is from Western countries so that they can offer relatively high eCPMs.

  • Ulhas

    What is your cpm…

    • Tim

      The eCPMs vary from site to site Ulhas, and from ad size to ad size. I have found Casale Media to consistently offer some of the best rates for general ad networks, but they do perform differently for everyone.

  • Wapmaster Wadud

    Do they pay for Bangladesh Traffic sir


    do they pay for coupon site like

  • Hi Folks,

    I had been displaying Casale media ads on my website for more than 20 days. Then had been offering $1.05 eCPM and I had been making more than $150/day until yesterday. I did not violate any of their policies but today when I tried to login my account, it said “This account has been suspended”.

    I emailed their support team a couple of time, but didn’t get any response from them. They never seem to reply any of the emails. Now I think that they trick publishers into displaying ads by showing high earnings but as the day of payment approaches, they suspend accounts without any warning or telling the reason.

    Below is a screenshot of my earnings that I took a few days ago. Now I am concerned about getting the money that I earned. Is that possible, or have just become a victim of a bloody scam?